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The World According to Gilbert & Sullivan

A laugh-filled tour of the off-the-wall world of

Gilbert & Sullivan, with stops in Titipu, Japan;

Barataria; Pfennig-Halbpfenning; the island

nation of Utopia; and, silliest of all, London,


Want to see it? Contact your local library, house of worship or community center. Tell 'em you want your G&S!


In Memoriam Barry J. Slonim May 5, 1954-July 19, 2017 One of the mainstays of G&SLOCoLI for many years, Barry J. Slonim passed away on July 19 of this year. Please click on this space to read a heartfelt memorial to him, written by Gayden Wren, another longstanding member, a recognized G&S authority and our company historian.

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